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Founded in 1942, the ACJ has long offered a distinctive alternative vision of identity and commitment for the American Jewish community. We interpret Judaism as a universal religious faith, rather than an ethnic or nationalist identity.

We share with Jews everywhere special ties of history and destiny. These bonds are primarily spiritual, and are grounded in the distinctive teachings of the Jewish Religion. We continue to embrace the prophetic ideals of Classical American Reform Judaism with its progressive religious values, rich intellectual foundations, and distinctive worship traditions. We believe that this expression of our faith offers a uniquely meaningful and accessible spiritual option for many Jews today. While preserving the best traditions of Classical Reform, we are also committed to the dynamic development of creative, new expressions of its principles. Among these are a broad, inclusive pluralism, that reflects the full diversity within today’s changing Jewish community, and welcomes those who share our values, regardless of religious background.

We particularly affirm and celebrate the unique experience of Judaism in the United States. Our Hebrew Bible’s ideals of liberty and justice have shaped American democracy from its earliest beginnings. Inspired by our tradition, and responding to its ethical and social values, Jews have played a vital role in the founding and building of America. We cherish this noble heritage, and are committed to the exercise of our rights and responsibilities as proud and loyal citizens of this nation.

We share with all Jews an appreciation of the significance of the Land of Israel as the cradle of our faith. Along with all people of good will, we embrace the hope for a prosperous and secure State of Israel, living in justice and peace with its neighbors. As American citizens, our ties to Israel are historical and spiritual, but in no way political. We affirm that it is Judaism’s religious and ethical ideals that are at the core of our Jewish identity and commitment.

We stand for diversity of opinion and the right of dissent. American Jews hold a broad variety of positions and political commitments. We reject the notion that any one group or organization has a right to claim to speak for all of us.

Our most fervent hopes are for a strong, creative and spiritually renewed American Jewish community and for freedom and security for Jews everywhere; so that we might fulfill our historic mission of working together with all of God’s people to build a world of justice, love and peace.

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