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New ACJ “Rabbinic Advisory Committee” Organized

Spring 2006

Reaffirming the collaboration of rabbis and lay leadership that marked the riginal birth of the Council in 1942, a new Advisory Committee is being developed to deepen the connections of rabbis from around the country who support our mission and programs. This group will serve as a resource for leadership and advocacy, in our efforts to broaden the public profile of the ACJ in different communities.  
We also look forward to their contributions of essays and sermons for our publications. It is significant that this group represents both long-time supporters of our work, as well as a new generation of younger colleagues who share the commitment to the Classical Reform option in the contemporary Reform Movement. They join our Executive Director, Rabbi Berman and our Board members Rabbis Arnold Belzer and Wolfgang Hamburger in providing important spiritual guidance for the Council. We welcome the following rabbis to the Committee and look forward to their active participation as we move forward!  
Rabbi Jay Brickman  
(Milwaukee, WI)  
Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn  
(Kansas City, MO)  
Rabbi Everett Gendler  
(Great Barrington, MA)  
Rabbi David J. Goldberg  
(London, England)  
Rabbi Paul Kaplan  
(Bloomington, IL)  
Rabbi Michael LeBurkien  
Rabbi Andrea Myers  
(Riverdale, N.Y.)  
Rabbi David Powers  
(University Heights, OH)  
Rabbi Robert Schreibman  
(Northbrook, IL)  
Rabbi Nadia Siritsky  
(Louisville, KY)  
Rabbi Michael Sternfield  
(Chicago, IL)

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