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Over 600 Scholars and Artists Call For Dismantling "Apartheid Regime" in Israel

Allan C. Brownfeld, Editor
Special Interest Report
August 2021

Over 600 scholars, artists and intellectuals from more than 45 countries  
signed a declaration made public on July 5, 2021 calling for the dismantling  
of the “apartheid regime” set up “on the territory of historic Palestine”  
and “the establishment of a democratic constitutional arrangement that  
grants all its inhabitants equal rights and duties.”  
The signatories include Nobel Peace Prize laureates Adolfo Perez Esquivel of  
Argentina and Mairead Maguire of Ireland, legal experts Monique Chemallier-  
Gendreau and Richard Falk, economist and former Assistant Secretary General  
of the United Nations Sir Richard Jolly, South African politician and  
veteran anti-apartheid leader Ronnie Kasrils, and Canadian peace activist  
and former Green Party leader Joan Russow.  
Among the academics signing this declaration are Daniel Boyarin, professor  
of Talmudic Culture at the University of California, Berkeley; Neve Gordon  
of Queen Mary University, London; Adi Ophir, professor emeritus at Tel Aviv  
University, and Alice Rothchild, professor emeritus at the Harvard Medical  
The statement declares: “Israel has established an apartheid regime on the  
entire territory of historic Palestine..Israel itself no longer seeks to  
hide its apartheid character, claiming Jewish supremacy and exclusive Jewish  
rights of self-determination in all of historic Palestine through the  
adoption in 2018 by the Knesset of a new Basic Law.”  
It concludes: “The endorsers of this document call for the immediate  
dismantling of this apartheid regime and the establishment of a democratic  
constitutional arrangement that grants and implements on all the inhabitants  
of this land equal rights and duties, without any discrimination relative to  
race, ethnicity or gender… We call for the establishment of a national  
commission of Peace, Reconciliation and Accountability to accompany the  
transition from apartheid Israel to a governing process sensitive to human  
rights and democratic principles and practices. In the interim, until such  
a process is under way, we issue a call for the International Criminal Court  
to launch a formal investigation of Israeli political leaders and security  
personnel guilty of perpetuating the crime of apartheid.” **

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