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Miriam Adelson Calls For A Biblical "Book Of Trump"

Allan C. Brownfeld, Editor
Special Interest Report
August 2019

Miriam Adelson, wife of billionaire casino mogulSheldon Adelson, and a major contributor to the Trump campaign as well as Birthright Israel and other Zionist causes, on June 27 proposed that the story of Donald Trump, “hero and patriot,” ought to be added to the Bible. Her article, entitled “A Time of Miracles,” appeared in the Israeli daily newspaper Israel Hayom, which her husband owns and she publishes. The paper supports Prime Minister Netanyahu, opposes the creation of a Palestinian state and supports annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank.  
According to OpenSecrets, the Adelson have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to the Republican Party and tens of millions to Donald Trump. In November 2018: Miriam Adelson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a gesture which ABC’s Robert Schlesinger said, “Perfectly captures the crassly transactional nature of Donald Trump and his presidency.”  
In her branding of Trump as a modern-day prophet, Miriam Adelson framed his unpopularity among Jews in biblical terms: “Scholars of the Bible will no doubt note that the heroes , sages and prophets of antiquity were similarly spurned by the very people they came to raise up. Let us at least sit back and marvel at this time of miracles for Israel, for the U.S. and for the whole world.” *

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